What About Repaying Reverse Mortgage?

The very nature of a Reverse Mortgage can be confusing. A Reverse Mortgage is effectively the opposite of a traditional mortgage as it pertains to money flow. With a Reverse Mortgage, a lender will pay you either in the form of a monthly annuity, one lump sum up front at closing, or with an available credit line. The following lists provide information regarding repayment of a Reverse Mortgage.

A Reverse Mortgage comes due under the following conditions:

  • Death of the sole homeowner or the subsequent death of the surviving spouse.
  • Upon the sale of the home by the homeowner.
  • If the homeowner, or surviving spouse, no longer occupies the home as a primary residence and lives elsewhere for 12 consecutive months (i.e. assisted living home).

When a Reverse Mortgage becomes due there are two options for paying it off.

  • Sell the home and pay the loan off with the proceeds of the sale.
  • The heirs of the homeowner can refinance the loan.
  • A non-borrowing spouse can utilize a HECM to HECM Reverse Mortgage refinance to satisfy the mortgage.

Like all mortgage loans, a Reverse Mortgage does carry some basic conditions in order to remain valid. Below is a list of reasons for which a borrower would find themselves in default.

  • Failure to pay property taxes
  • Failure to keep the home in good repair
  • Failure to insure the home
  • Taking of new debt on the home
  • Personal Bankruptcy
  • Abandonment or donation of the home
  • Eminent domain

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