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We offer traditional and specialized residential mortgages in Virginia, Maryland, Florida and Pennsylvania to help prospective borrowers and existing homeowners with broader financing solutions. Our traditional programs revolve around Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Agency High Balance, Jumbo, as well as FHA and VA with lower score variants.  Our specialized programs focus in the Alternative A and Non QM loan categories to provide borrowers more financing choices and expanded loan eligibility by credit score, credit, qualifying ratios, available doc types, cash-flow and liquidity and home occupancy.

Whether you are self-employed business owner, 1099 worker, or a wage earner, having more choices with your mortgage can make the difference. We also specialize in government insured HECM Reverse Mortgages and Jumbo Reverse Mortgages for higher priced homes.  Lastly, we have a full menu of investor financing from our own Portfolio loans to No Doc Investor Loans, Fix & Flip, Investor Credit Lines, and Blanket Loans for rental property portfolios.


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What Our Customers Say About Us

We care what our customers think of us and so should you. We are partners in your business and your success is ours.

Excellent experience working with George from Jefferson Mortgage while purchasing a new home. Throughout the process George was really helpful, detailed, and clear about what was needed both via email and phone. I felt like he truly worked to find the best options available and then handled lots of back and forth to ensure that all of the documents, details, and specifics were ironed out. I'd definitely consider working with him again, especially when we can hopefully refinance, and strongly recommend.

Jessie Carr

Charlottesville, VA

Mr. Omilan is the ultimate professional when it comes to doing a Reverse Mortgage. He counsels, educates, performs magic and can walk you through the process as easy as possible. Other than gathering and providing information for him to make it happen, we never imagined it was going to be that easy and without stress.

John & Isabel

Emmuas, PA

Just writing to say how thankful I am! You were very patient with me and this whole process. And I know it was not easy! Will definitely be talking to you in future. You helped make our dreams come true. And forever I will be grateful for that! Thank you again!


Northern Cambria, PA

I am an incredibly happy customer after just receiving a Reverse Mortgage through Jefferson Mortgage Group. George was extremely helpful and personally guided me through each and every step along the way. Though I've had mortgages before, I've never dealt with a bank or a mortgage broker that was as knowledgeable, thorough, and effective as he was. Unlike many of the sales people at the big national reverse mortgage companies, George knows his business inside and out and has contacts he can personally call to make it happen. I was the beneficiary of his vast experience and I could not be happier. Ten stars!!

Richard Kagan

Philadelphia, PA

Thank you so much for all the hard work you put in for our HECM Reverse Mortgage. We appreciate it very much and it was so easy because of you. We will be forever grateful.

Morty & Rhoda

Potomac, MD

George was very thorough while working with me. I had not applied for a mortgage since 2002 and the process had become much more complicated. George was patient and understanding in my trying to gather all of the numerous records that was required. The mortgage process has become very cumbersome and it takes a seasoned professional like George to navigate the process. Will certainly use and recommend George when choosing a broker in the future.


Fairfax, VA

I have been dealing with George Omilan and Jefferson Mortgage for many years. From a title company's perspective they have always been fantastic to work with. Very professional, very efficient, knowledgeable and always timely. At the closing table his clients feel the same way as well.


Fairfax, VA

George and Jefferson Mortgage has been nothing short of amazing. He helped me with a refinance of a second property that is saving me a substantial amount of money AND a reverse mortgage for my parents.
He has a pragmatic approach to the business. His patience coupled with his knowledge and intelligence made everything go so smoothly.
George was so helpful dealing with my parents’ reverse mortgage-something I knew nothing about until he took the time with both me and my parents to educate us and make us feel so comfortable. It gives me such peace of mind knowing that my parents are in such a better place financially.
George is more that a mortgage broker...he is your advocate and true advisor!


Chester, VA

If you have heard of a reverse mortgage and what you have heard gave you a cold chill of fear, fear no more! Check in with George at Jefferson Mortgage Group, LLC. I did, George saved me from losing my home, put me back on track.


Vienna, VA

Jefferson Mortgage Group helped us in 2014 pay off our mortgage with a reverse and then came back again in 2016 with a new reverse when our property appreciated in value. George worked tirelessly to make everything work to our satisfaction. Our financial advisor was consulted about the entire process and stated that it was a good move for us. He was also impressed with the work Jefferson Mortgage Group did for us.


Fayetteville, PA

Through the process of working with Jefferson Mortgage I gained a real understanding of what a reverse mortgage (HECM) is and how it can be a very valuable tool in an overall financial plan. Jefferson Mortgage worked very patiently with me and my mother to make sure we understood exactly what her options would be in getting a HECM and how the process would work. Now, with her HECM in place, my mother can more comfortably live on her retirement income without the financial stress she was previously under. AND she can stay in the home she just finished fixing up to her liking!


Fairfax, VA

I am happy that I called Jefferson Mortgage. I was thinking about retirement but I was concerned that I may struggle financially if I were to retire now. I had read a lot of peace meal information on reverse mortgages but nothing really ever made sense to me. Jefferson Mortgage explained the program to me in a way that I could finally understand it. In turn, they helped with me a reverse mortgage that allowed me to pay off my current mortgage. This freed up money each month and also provided me a credit line so I could now afford to retire. I am very happy with my new reverse mortgage. The key for me was finding patient and knowledgeable people that would take the time to explain the loan. Once I understood it I was comfortable. I appreciate the conscientious help. I am now happily retired.


Middleburg, VA

My wife and I were trying to get a government insured reverse mortgage from one of the big companies that advertises on TV. We went through the process and after five months found that we were stuck. Nobody had time for us because our loan was small. We had an approved loan but everything had expired. My wife and I were frustrated and we were ready to give up. We called Jefferson Mortgage Group and they were very helpful. They walked us through the process and helped us with guidance for repair companies to help us get our house in order and our loan approved. We really needed this loan and someone that was trustworthy that would help us. Jefferson Mortgage made it happen for us.

Angel & Carleen

La Plata, MD

I was happy that I called Jefferson Mortgage for help with a Reverse Mortgage. I am still working and I have a decent income but I had some tax lien issues that I felt I really should address sooner rather than later. Jefferson helped me access funds from my home so I could negotiate with the IRS. Getting a reverse mortgage and finally fixing this problem has removed a lot of stress in my life. I am happy that I had the opportunity to work with Jefferson Mortgage Group and I would recommend them.


Philadelphia, PA

George Omilan of Jefferson Mortgage Group helped me save my home and all my home equity from foreclosure. I am 68 years old and I have a small business. Business got tough and the money got tight to a point that I fell behind a few months on my mortgage. I felt that I was ok given I had so much equity in my home. The bank kept telling me that they would work with me. Each time I would call I would get someone different and they would tell me the same thing. All of this turned out to be false. Jefferson Mortgage helped me with a Reverse Mortgage in the nick of time. I used a reverse to pay off my mortgage and stop the foreclosure process. If I had not called Jefferson Mortgage, and if things would have gone on for another two weeks, I would have lost my home and all of my home equity. I am grateful that I found someone that could guide me through this and communicate the urgency that I needed to protect me from foreclosure. I am happy to recommend George Omilan of Jefferson Mortgage Group


Exton, PA

Getting a reverse mortgage was a big decision for me. My son who works in the mortgage business and suggested I reach out to a specialist at Jefferson Mortgage Group. I am happy with my new reverse mortgage. The people at Jefferson made me very comfortable with the loan. They explained it better than the counselors that I was required to go see. At the end of the day I am retired and I have access to my home equity in the event I need it. This has provided me peace of mind. I would like to recommend Jefferson Mortgage because they did such a great job for me. -- May 2015


Fairfax, VA

I got a government insured reverse mortgage through Jefferson Mortgage Group in early 2015. I am semi-retired but I was forced to work two part time jobs to make financial ends meet. It took me almost a full year to finally decide that a reverse mortgage was a good fit for me. I think the deciding factor for me was work because I enjoyed the comradery and not because I had to in order to survive. The reverse mortgage really helped me with my monthly cash flow and removed the constant insecurity that was driving me crazy. I am happy with my reverse mortgage. I am also happy to provide this reference to George Omilan for all his hard work and patience with me. He really helped me understand the program and feel comfortable that this was a good fit for me. February - 2015


Burke, VA

Jefferson Mortgage helped us with a reverse mortgage. My wife and I are in our late seventies with six grown kids and 14 grandchildren. We both are in good health but our greatest fear was running out of money. Do we ask for help from our children and become a burden or do we find a way to help ourselves. With the help of a financial advisor that works with my son, they recommended Jefferson Mortgage Group that specialized in reverse mortgages. The reverse mortgage helped us pay off a mortgage and a home equity line. We now can live comfortably on our fixed income and our remaining savings without the constant thought of running out of money. Jefferson worked directly with our financial advisor and helped put all this together for us. We would absolutely recommend Jefferson Mortgage Group. 2013

Bruce & Jean

Haymarket, VA

I was able to get a reverse mortgage through Jefferson Mortgage Group at the advice of my financial advisor. As a retired single person I was starting to get nervous about a big mortgage that I had. The reverse allowed me to use my home equity to pay off the mortgage. My income is fine now and I am able to live freely and enjoy my retirement. 2014


Annandale, VA

We got our Reverse Mortgage through Jefferson Mortgage Group. We felt that a reverse mortgage would be a good fit because it would help us preserve our liquid investments longer. After consulting with our financial advisor and the people at Jefferson we decided this was the right move for us. We are very happy with our decision to get a reverse mortgage. We are now able to relax and enjoy our retirement and our family. July -2014

Robert & Norma

Fayetteville, PA

Jefferson Mortgage Group helped me with a reverse mortgage. I had always been very skeptical of this program. I was very pleased with Jefferson. They explained the program in detail so I could understand it and made it easy. I was able to use my reverse mortgage to pay off my mortgage, my home equity loan, and my credit cards and still have money left over. As someone that lives on a fixed income this has made a big difference in my life. I no longer constantly have to worry about paying the bills each month. I am very happy with my new reverse mortgage and I am grateful to George at Jefferson Mortgage for being so conscientious and patient with me.


Springfield, VA

Jefferson Mortgage helped me with a HECM reverse mortgage so I had the option to stay in my home. I live in a modest home and I have been here for over sixty years. I wanted to stay in my home but as I grow older is seems that my health has become my first priority and my options have become limited. The reverse mortgage provides me money each month so I can pay for in home care. I am very happy with my new reverse mortgage. I am also very happy with George Omilan of Jefferson Mortgage Group. So happy that I accepted an interview from the Free Beacon News to explain how a reverse mortgage helped me and to help get the word out to others. The article ran October 2015. George and his team at Jefferson did a great job and I am a very pleased. The reverse mortgage made a big difference for me.

Ann & Linda (Neighbor)

Alexandria, VA

Jefferson Mortgage helped us with the information we needed to make some very big retirement decisions. We were short on income and undecided if it was the right time to begin drawing social security. The one thing we were sure of is that we didn't want to go back to work and we couldn't make it by only getting .55% on our CD's. George at Jefferson Mortgage suggested a Reverse Mortgage. We went over the different programs available and discussed the benefits of each. We felt very comfortable because we didn't feel as though someone was just trying to sell us a mortgage, rather he was focused on what would be the best fit for our income needs. At the end of the day, we needed more monthly income so we could live without the insecurity of spending too much money. We now get a check every month and we are not planning on social security until we are 68 or maybe 70. Thank you to George at Jefferson for being so conscientious and helping us. We are happy to be a reference for you and we intend to sing your praises.

Chuck & Ann

Catlett, VA

HARP 2.0

Jefferson Mortgage helped us refinance our home. Everybody has been saying that it is so hard to get a new loan. We didn't have any problem getting a loan with Jefferson. We completed the application online and followed up with our paystubs and our bank statements and we were able to get approved and close our new loan in just over thirty days. Now we are saving money every month and it's a nice feeling. We would recommend Jefferson Mortgage Group as a well run organization and their staff was terrific to work with.

Jim & Sally

Vienna, VA

I was very happy with Jefferson Mortgage Group. I live in an area where all the houses have declined in value. I wasn't able to refinance my house because it was underwater. Jefferson helped me refinance my first mortgage and save on the rate with a new fixed rate. My second trust was left untouched. The savings was significant and I am content in keeping my home now that it is much more affordable.


Leesburg, VA

George at Jefferson Mortgage helped me with a Reverse Mortgage. I was very happy with George because he set up a monthly annuity for me when everybody else I spoke with at other companies were trying to get me to take a large sum of money out of my home. I just wanted to supplement my income and I was scared to take all the money out. You have to trust who you work with. I was very happy with George and Jefferson.


Fairfax, VA

Jefferson Mortgage helped me with a Harp loan. I had an investment property with a rate close to six percent and I wasn't able to refinance it. It was hard to find someone that could help me with a Freddie Mac loan. Jefferson was able to help me and I saved just over two percent per month and got rid of my interest only loan. I wasn't sure they could do it at first but I was very pleased we got it done. I would recommend Jefferson Mortgage Group.


Vienna, VA

Jefferson Mortgage treated us right with our recent refinance. We saved a lot of money and we have a new fixed rate. One less thing to worry about versus our old arm loan. We were happy with the people at Jefferson Mortgage.

Stan & Jane

Springfield, VA

We found Jefferson Mortgage Group through their affiliate The Negotiated Solution. We originally were considering a short sale with our house but we really wanted to keep it. Our kids are in school and a short sale would have been too disruptive but we didn't know we had any other choice. The law firm referred us over to George at Jefferson and he found a way to help us refinance our loan so we didn't have to do a short sale. We are relieved and we are happy we don't have to move. The people at Tucker and Associates and Jefferson Mortgage Group clearly know their business. We are happy customers.

Greg & Nancy

Sterling, VA