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Jefferson Mortgage Group LLC

George Omilan

Hello, my name is George Omilan (NMLS #873983). I am the President and Principal of Jefferson Mortgage Group LLC with 33 years of experience in the mortgage business.

Jefferson Mortgage Group LLC is a licensed mortgage provider serving all of Virginia, Maryland, Florida and Pennsylvania with a focus on a full line of Traditional QM (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac), government insured HECM Reverse Mortgages, and Non Traditional Non QM Mortgages commonly referred to as Specialized Forward Mortgages including “Alt-A Investor loans” at 80% LTV, both Full doc and No Income-No Employment (No Doc) for the investor community. Our expanded niche products also focus on the more traditional FHA & VA with Lower Score and higher Debt-to-Income Options, Fixed & Variable Jumbo loans, and Private Label Reverse mortgages for higher priced homes. We are also highly focused on specialized loans for the Self-Employed borrowers with our Bank Statement & Asset Dissipation Programs. We are committed to offering a full range of “Non-QM Loans” for expanded qualification, where the banks and large-scale lenders dare to go.

With our traditional QM mortgages (FNMA, FHLMC, and High Balance) for purchasing, we will run the delegated underwriting for you ahead of time without a designated property requirement; thereby providing an extra degree of confidence with your prequalification for your contract presentation and your optional decision to waive certain contingencies.

Our newest move back into specialized forward mortgages is a welcomed change. As the principal of Jefferson Mortgage Group, this category has been where the majority of my experience and expertise was developed. I am happy to see the re-emergence of specialized loans for the self-employed and investor communities. The need for Alt-A and Non-QM Loans in general is vast and the need for more flexible documentation types, higher debt ratios, lower credit scores, higher loan-to-values, is important to our real estate market. This is an area where we will work hard to serve the customers in our markets.