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Second Trust Loans

Owners and Investors, keep your low first trust interest rate!!! Consider a flexible Closed-End Second Trust loan. 

We welcome a new innovative standalone second trust program with flexible Non-QM qualifying features for the first time for both owner occupants and investors. This program will allow you to keep your low first trust rate and achieve a very attractive blended rate with cash proceeds available up to $500,000.

What is a Closed-End Second Trust loan?

A closed-end second trust (or second mortgage) offers homeowners the opportunity to leverage their real estate equity while maintaining their low first trust interest rate. With this type of loan, homeowners can receive a lump sum payment of up to 85% of their home’s equity, based on their credit score, income, and other factors. Leveraging real estate equity can be a smart financial move for homeowners looking to secure additional financing. With a closed-end second mortgage, homeowners can tap into their home’s equity while preserving their advantageous 2% or 3% interest rate.


How can a Second Trust help you?

Use your cash out for home renovations, consolidating debt, funding a business, paying a child’s tuition or simply cashing out some hard-earned home equity to position yourself for the next property acquisition for when the opportunity arises. Owner occupied properties, second homes, or investment properties are eligible. Investment properties have the option to close in a LLC as a Business Purpose Loan where eligible by state. 


Second Trust Features:


equity increase
  • Combined loan-to-values up to 85% for Rate/term or Cash-out Refinances.
  • Loan amounts up to $500,000 with no first trust loan amount restrictions.
  • Flexible credit.  Credit scores as low as 680.  Certain CLTV’s and documentation types may require a higher score.    Please inquire.
  • Qualifying documentation:  
    • Full Documentation:  1 year’s W2 form or tax return.
    • Bank statement qualifying: 12 months business or personal bank statements for self-employed borrowers for a minimum of two years.
  • Fixed Rates:  15, 20, or 25 year amortization.
  • Owner occupied and second home loan second trusts are available in VA, MD, PA and FL.
  • Investment business purpose second trust loans are available in 35 states.  Please inquire with your state and property type.



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