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Commercial Hard Money

We offer Private Commercial Loans in Virginia, Maryland, and DC to help you with your real estate investment projects.  If you are an investor, you need the right tools to get the job done and profit.  The primary tools for winning with real estate are efficiency, execution, and the right relationships.  We would like to build relationships with experienced investors that value these same tenets and help them with a path to consistent profits as their local lender.

Common Sense Commercial Hard Money for Investors:

  • Fast non credit & income qualifying financing for rapid investment acquisition strategies.
  • Buying Foreclosures at the court house steps.
  • Buying properties that need repair and do not qualify for traditional financing, such as properties that are partially incomplete or in below C3 appraisal condition.
  • Buying or rehabilitating multi-unit income producing properties.
  • Subordinate trusts (2nds & 3rds) to access funding to improve properties to maximize sale proceeds are available where there is sufficient equity protection for the lender.
  • Loans for investment property additions.
  • Spec loans for builders to build unsold inventory or model homes.
  • Select residential investment construction financing.


Eligibility requirements:

Our Commercial Hard Money loans are only available for non-owner occupied properties whereby the proceeds are clearly designated for business and/or investment use (active or passive).

  • You must already own a verifiable primary residence.
  • You must have an acceptable plan and property investment exit strategy.
  • Property must be acceptable.
  • Investor Experience required or you must have an accompanied experienced mentor.

Loans that meet our eligibility are available up to 100% of your purchase price not to exceed 70% of improved appraised value (ARV)


Other characteristics:

  • Loans are available for individuals and LLC’s or eligible companies.
  • Terms are available for as little as 90 days up to 12 months.
  • All loans are calculated on the basis of simple interest.
  • All loans require monthly payments.
  • All trusts require title insurance.
  • Closing commercial hard money loan documents are prepared by our designated law firm and closings take place at our designated title company.

Permanent financing is available for rehabbed/improved properties owned less than a year based off the current appraised value and not the property cost basis provided you have owned the property a minimum of three months and it is a rate/term refinance. 

Alternative Hard Money type loans are also available up to 75% of appraised value for owner occupied and investment properties for business use and/or property repairs under our more traditional investment programs.  Alternative Hard Money loans do require various forms of qualification to meet the Federal Ability to Repay Rules (ATR) whereas this is not required with Private Commercial Hard Money.  Call us today to see which program is best suited for your property objective.