Alternative A Loan Programs

Our Alternative A (Alt-A) Loan Program allows for the most flexible loan scenarios.  The flexibility with credit scores extends down to the 600 level and will be considered below this level based on merit. This is an excellent program for borrowers that are just outside the prime arena or those that need a generally more flexible loan program at a higher loan-to-value to accommodate their needs. 

Program features include:

  • Available for owner occupied home financing
  • 90% LTV financing with No PMI (self-insured)
  • Loan amounts available up to 3 million dollars
  • Flexible credit to 600 scores and consideration for lower scores
  • Cashout up to 85% LTV on acceptable properties with No PMI
  • Debt Consolidation up to 90% of your home value with No PMI
  • Program Option to qualify with verified assets instead of income
  • Borrowers are considered eligible for this program only two years after the occurrence of a short sale or property foreclosure with reestablished credit. Shorter time frames can be considered based on the circumstances and the overall strength of the loan.
  • Credit profiles and the level of established credit is also very flexible.

This is not a subprime loan program. This is considered a prime lending program with attractive terms for borrower scenarios that makes sense and fit our program guidelines but that may be slightly below traditional prime lending guidelines.

Two especially attractive features of this program are:

  • The Self Insured-No PMI to high dollar loan levels provides significant flexibility as when compared to traditional PMI guidelines and loan level restrictions. This broadens a borrowers down payment options in the event they may choose to write a contract on a home that is above their initial price range.
  • Higher net worth borrowers with complex financial profiles may like the ability to qualify based on their verifiable liquid assets and investments instead of income.  This eliminates the need to have to provide tax returns for business and personal and allows our underwriters to focus directly on affordability solely based on your liquid assets. 

Our Alternative A Program is a nice option when the prime programs required too high of a down payment or simply do not fit your scenario due to credit and income.  Call us today to discuss your scenario and let us help you meet your loan objectives with Alt-A.

*  We offer both QM and Non QM Loans in this category.


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