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George Omilan

A HECM Reverse Mortgage is a great way for seniors to take advantage of the equity they have built up in their homes without the burden of unwarranted risk or tax liability. Deciding if a Reverse Mortgage is right for you is a big decision. We will work directly with your family and financial advisors to tailor the Reverse Mortgage to your specific needs. The primary objective is not just to get a Reverse Mortgage, but rather to get a Reverse Mortgage that is the right fit for you. Our team will guide you through this process and we will be with you every step of the way from origination to closing.

We help homeowners with practical strategies that utilize a Reverse Mortgage to balance debt for a more secure retirement, obtain a safer means of leverage so they can live comfortably within their means, and access home equity for emergencies and funds for in-home care. We also assist homeowners with the HECM for Purchase as an attractive vehicle for downsizing their homes. These are just some of the benefits a reverse mortgage can provide homeowners in retirement.

George specializes in all aspects of the traditional FHA HECM Reverse Mortgage and the HECM for Purchase programs. With 28 years of experience in the mortgage industry, he is able to work directly with you and your family to understand your needs and offer you the right program tailored to your objective. George has the experience and resources to meet your needs when it comes to Reverse Mortgages.

Reverse Mortgage FAQ:


What is a HECM Reverse Mortgage?

A HECM Reverse Mortgage is a government insured program designed to help homeowners 62 and older access their home equity with a non-recourse easily obtainable loan tailored for seniors.

What are the Reverse Mortgage requirements?

What can a reverse mortgage be used for? (examples)

Are there restrictions on how I can use money received from a Reverse Mortgage?

Any proceeds from a Reverse Mortgage must first pay off any existing mortgages or liens on the property.  After these and any other mandatory obligations are paid there are no restrictions on how you may use the proceeds. You can use the money you receive from your reverse mortgage any way you would like, everything from travel to medical bills, to paying down expensive credit card debt or to remodeling your home. You certainly do not have to spend all your eligible proceeds.  Maybe you would just like to pay off a mortgage, establish a credit line as an emergency reserve, or even create a monthly annuity like payment to supplement your retirement income. There are no limits to how you can use your proceeds.

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