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Short Sale Underwater Property

Are you underwater on your mortgage and facing financial distress?  Short Sale the Underwater Property and get the Mortgage Debt forgiven while minimizing the adverse effects on your credit and preserving your current assets. Engage the representation of a Law Firm that will represent you as attorney for the Short Sale and provide you with the guidance you need regarding how to handle the Mortgage Payments, Taxes, Liability, and Foreclosure Defense. Debt Mitigation is the key element of a successful Short Sale.

The Short Sale Negotiator team will help to protect you from your lender and ensure that the process is fair and legal so you can avoid foreclosure and obtain a permanent and fair solution with a short sale. Whether you are presently in a distressed financial situation and need immediate foreclosure defense or if you are simply a homeowner that wants a legitimate means out of an investment gone bad in a troubled real estate market, our team can help you.


What is a Short Sale?

A Short Sale is a mutually beneficial solution that allows both the borrower and the lender to avoid the crushing costs and negative attributes of foreclosure. Your home is sold and a property based solution is presented to your lender that will allow them to quantify their loss as a business and move on. This is a very attractive opportunity for a lender and therefore provides the opportunity for significant benefits for the homeowner. If the short sale is done properly, based on your financial profile, all or the majority of the mortgage debt will be forgiven.


Common Short Sale Points of Interests

As the market continues to struggle more and more homeowners are turning to Short Sales as a way to establish permanent solutions for their underwater property. The stability achieved with a Short Sale allows the homeowner to get out of a bad investment and preserve their finances,or in the extreme case, avoid foreclosure. Renegotiating the terms of your original loan can be in the best interest of both you and your lender, but often this option does not yield positive results and one must consider a Short Sale as the best and most constructive course of action.


Apply for a Short Sale

Applying for a Loan Modification or a Short Sale is quick and easy. Within a few minutes you can be well on your way to solving your personal housing crisis. Please speak with any of our Mortgage Specialists today for answers to your questions.  We will assist you in making the right decision and direct you to our team at our affiliate law firm for one on one consultation.

All Short Sales are handled in conjunction with The Short Sale Negotiator and our affiliate law firm.  All of our clients are represented as legal counsel by the law firm for the purpose of the Short Sale.  The Short Sale Negotiator is a licensed Real Estate Brokerage and proud sponsor of The Negotiated Solution.

We offer loan options only 1 day out from such adverse credit events.  Call 703 319-2198  or send and inquiry through our contact us page to learn more.  


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