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If you’re in the market for an investor property we have a very flexible line of investor loan programs that can help.  Approximately fifty percent of investor sales over the past decade have been made with all cash purchases.  This lack of leverage negatively affects your overall diversification and can also diminish your investment returns.  Although these two issues may be true, many people simply could not qualify for full documentation loan programs and other program variants were not available.  Today, we are offering four different program variants with different documentation types depending on your needs; from Full Doc to the popular No Doc property based, to the Fix & Flip Rehab and the Commercial Hard Money loan as outlined below.

Permanent financing is available for rehabbed/improved properties owned less than a year based off the current appraised value and not the property cost basis provided you have owned the property a minimum of three months and it is a rate/term refinance. 


  • Full income and asset qualifying investor programs up to 80% LTV.  This program has an attractive and peculiar set of qualification parameters that will allow for only one year of Federal tax returns to qualify for income. A maximum of up to twenty financed properties are permitted. This program is very flexible and depending on credit score and overall qualifications may be available with higher Loan to values.
  • No Income-No Employment (NO DOC) investor financing up to 80% LTV.  This is a true Alternative-A loan program variant form the old days.  It is available for Single Family Investor properties and Multi-Unit properties (2-4 units) with some restrictions.  There is No Income stated on the application so there are no actual debt to income qualifying ratio requirements (DTI).  There is also no employment stated on the application or required (No Job required).  This is a property based loan program where traditional individual qualifying criteria, other than credit and credit score, do not apply. This program serves as an excellent means of allowing investors the freedom to purchase properties when the opportunity arises, confidently knowing that a long-term competitive loan program will be available.  This program allows for properties owned in LLC’s or individually and there is no maximum on the number of financed properties an investor can own.  It also allows Investor Cashout Options to help the many owners that are currently saddled with too much equity in too few properties so they can diversify and increase their aggregate cash flow.  Use this program to purchase new properties or Cashout and create some healthy leverage against your portfolio of properties where desired; up to an attractive 80% LTV.  Available programs include attractively priced long-term ARMs and 30 year fixed rates with prepay and no prepay penalty options.  

  • Investor Fix & Flip advantage.  This is also an Alternative-A type of loan program.  It requires only Stated Income that allows for investors to purchase homes were they see value that can be realized with some work and ingenuity.  This is not a six month or one year loan.  This program offers you a thirty year term thereby allowing you to sell or choose to keep the property for investment.  As a practical example, this program can be utilized to buy a new property or fix up an existing property.  Seasoned funds for any down payment and an estimate of the repairs are verified, but there are no required lender repair escrows or required follow up for the repairs.  When the loan is approved and you close it’s your property and you can handle the repairs with no hassle.  This program variant should be viewed as a tool that can be utilized where other standard convention loans options are not available or simply too restrictive or costly for practical use.
  • Private Hard Money.   We offer Hard Money in the form of commercial loans exclusively for business and investment purposes, excluding primary residences.  This is a short term loan, 6-12 months with interest only payments that is non-recourse or recourse at your option with attractive terms.  This program is offered up to 75% LTV based on current value.  This is private commercial money available only for experienced investors.  We will consider anything that makes sense and fits within the parameters of this program.  Construction loans available for property additions or full blown new construction projects.  See our Hard Money page for more details on this program.

Our selection of investor programs provides you with many options when it comes to residential real estate. You can purchase a new investor property or take cashout of an existing one with flexible Full Doc or No Doc Investor program options.  Alternatively, you can buy a property that doesn’t qualify for traditional financing due to the need for repairs and our Fix & Flip investor loan will provide you the flexibility to purchase the property and fix it to sell or keep.  Lastly, our Hard Money program can provide you with quick financing options for buying properties at auction or simply for a short term loan. Our investor loans are tools that can help you meet your goals. Call us today to discuss your scenario and let us help you reach your goals with the right investor financing.  Located in Fairfax County, we are we are your Local Mortgage Professional in Virginia, Maryland, DC & Pennsylvania.

*  We offer both QM and Non QM Loans in this category.



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