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For every story of someone that got hurt with a bad mortgage in the housing crisis it sure would be nice to hear a good story.  We all know that regulation and re-regulation has been a boon for the people that grow trees and make paper.  The big

Sep 06, 2014 | Retirement Planning Reverse Mortgage supplemental retirement income HECM Reverse Mortgage HUD

HECM for Purchase - Buy a Home and get a Reverse Mortgage in one transaction

Achieve diversification, increased liquidity, and financial peace of mind by using a HECM for Purchase to buy a new primary residence. Instead of solely focusing on downsizing as we age why don’t we expand on this thought and make it a financial st

Aug 11, 2014 | HECM Reverse Mortgage HECM for Purchase HECM to Purchase Retirement Planning Reverse Mortgage Reverse to Purchase Mortgage Retirement income insecurity

Reverse Mortgage Non-Borrowing Spouse Risk - New Government Remedy

Due to litigation pressure and loud voices of non-borrowing spouses that have abruptly found themselves without a home upon the passing of the borrowing spouse, the government has attempted to unravel the complexity of this issue, thereby removing risk fo

Jul 25, 2014 | HECM Reverse Mortgage HUD Reverse Mortgage supplemental retirement income Retirement Planning

New Development from HUD on HECM Reverse Mortgages

Just last week, HUD announced positive changes to the principle limit factors that govern home equity access levels for eligible homeowners.  While younger homeowners in their sixties may not see much benefit in the form of increased eligibility, the

Jul 09, 2014 | Reverse Mortgage Retirement Planning Government insured mortgage HECM Reverse Mortgage HUD home equity access

Reverse Mortgage - Play it Safe With Your Spouse

Eligibility for a Reverse Mortgage is based on your property value and the age of the youngest borrower. The older you are, the more eligibility you have to access your home equity. Reverse Mortgages are an attractive way for retirees and active

Jul 03, 2014 | HECM Reverse Mortgage supplemental retirement income Reverse Mortgage lifetime income with a Reverse

Reverse Mortgage: A Cost-Effective Tool for Long Term Care Insurance.

How can we establish a cost effective mechanism for long term care insurance?  I have been told by several financial advisors that nobody wants to pay premiums for long term care insurance that they may never use.  Unless you set this up early,

May 21, 2014 | Reverse Mortgage HECM Reverse Mortgage Retirement income insecurity Long Term Care

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