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Fiscal Cliff Patch-Debt Relief! Congress recognizes we still have legacy issues related to housing.

The “fiscal cliff bill” passed by Congress January 1 included a provision to exclude borrowers from paying taxes on debt forgiven through a short sale, foreclosure, or loan modification. Known as Mortgage Debt Relief Act of 2007, the act

Jan 03, 2013 | Short Sales Debt Mitigation Fiscal Cliff

The Fiscal Cliff, Social Security, Medicare and the Plight of the American Senior Citizen.

  We are all worried about the fiscal cliff and the idiots in congress on both sides of the isle that we pay and that continue to fail us on material issues. When I use the word idiots I mean it in the most literal way a human being can use it t

Dec 01, 2012 | Reverse Mortgage Fiscal Cliff Retirement Planning Medicare

Don't Try to Compare a HECM Reverse Mortgage to a Traditional Mortgage Loan -Crisis in Thought.

Question: On a Reverse Mortgage does the interest accumulate on the unpaid balance at the same rate. If so, does that mean your paying interest on the compounded amount each month? Answer:  Updated for clarification: Added “Growt

Nov 27, 2012 | Reverse Mortgage Traditional Mortgage

Amazing Benefits of a Reverse Mortgage-Lifetime Annuity!

A reverse mortgage is a loan designed to allow seniors to maximize the equity in their homes by accessing flexible credit in unique ways that were not previously available.   The flexibility of the funding options for a Reverse Mortgage are treme

Nov 07, 2012 | Annuity Reverse Mortgage Retirement Planning

The Reach for Yield is Fraught with Risk - Reverse Mortgage - Retirement Antidote

  It is common knowledge that we are in a historically low interest rate environment. Loan rates are low and savings rates are virtually non existent. Certificates of deposit are currently yielding .55% at your local bank. Regardless of the

Nov 05, 2012 | Reverse Mortgage Retirement Planning

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