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Deciding when to take a reverse mortgage.

Good article on  I agree that a normalization of interest rates will definitely adversely affect procrastinating borrowers with reverse mortgages.  They will look back and regret not taking advantage of the program when internal rate

May 10, 2016 | Retirement Planning Retirement security Reverse Mortgage HECM Reverse Mortgage Seniors

The End Game - Reverse Mortgages

What designates the end game for a reverse mortgage and what happens at this point? There is a significant lack of understanding on how a reverse mortgage actually works and how it ends specifically regarding life and death.  The easiest way to expla

May 06, 2016 | Reverse Mortgage Retirement Planning HECM Reverse Mortgage Seniors

Could Getting a Reverse Mortgage Help You Save Money? NBC News Video

Changes to the HECM reverse mortgage have made it very safe.  However, it is much harder to get and not everyone will be eligible, but for those that do qualify, it can be a terrific way to augment your retirement plan.  &nb

May 02, 2016 | Retirement Planning Retirement security Social Security Seniors HECM Reverse Mortgage Reverse Mortgage supplemental retirement income

How to Determine if a Reverse Mortgage is right for you.

I would like to comment on this Washington Post article to put aside the guess work and focus directly on what a reader or potential homeowner should realistically expect from a reverse mortgage given this situation.  Here's the facts.  The

Apr 25, 2016 | Financial Assessments HECM Reverse Mortgage Retirement Planning Retirement security Seniors Reverse Mortgage supplemental retirement income LESA

Top 5 Strategies to Protect Your Money from Medicaid

I am constantly hearing about asset protection strategy regarding Medicaid or other entitlement programs. If you go too far on the strategy you could end up with only two beans in your pocket. Not everyone is comfortable with giving funds away and the fiv

Apr 15, 2016 | supplemental retirement income Retirement security Retirement Planning Reverse Mortgage HECM Reverse Mortgage Annuity Seniors

Should You Take a Reverse Mortgage Now, or Would It Be Better to Wait?

Good Huffington Post article that brings up a very important point which I have stressed in previous blogs.  In answer to the title's question, no you shouldn't wait. When a retiree really doesn’t have a comprehensive plan, waiting to t

Apr 14, 2016 | Reverse Mortgage Retirement Planning Eligibility for Reverse Mortgage Financial Planning HECM Reverse Mortgage Retirement security supplemental retirement income

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